Put Your 2-Word Purpose to Work

Fulfill Your Purpose and Promise Working on Your On-Purpose Project to Profit the Planet (and You!)

Be Better at Making a Difference

For all your success to date, is something meaningful still missing?

Why put off putting your purpose to work any longer? Regardless of whether you're leading an established small business or starting-up, starting over, or just stuck, let's get to work now on your life's work. 

What's Holding You Back?

Not enough time, too many pressing responsibilities, numerous fears, don't know how to start, or something else?

Ready for a brutal reality check: the common root is you! You are holding you back from fulfilling your Promise.  If you knew what to do, you would be doing it. 

Join to profit yourself. Stay to profit the world.

The On-Purpose Planet is a community of collaborating Profit-Makers putting their respective purpose, experiences, talents, and relationships to work to realize fulfillment personally, professionally, and collaboratively.

Profit-Makers are Difference-Makers with a Purpose

Members of the On-Purpose Planet are known as Profit-Makers because we take basic "difference-making" to a new, more meaningful of depth and length with the application and expression of purpose (being on-purpose vocationally.)

Closing the Purpose-to-Promise gap with your Project will be a tough shift. Why? Your entire career you've likely only functioned in the dog-eat-dog world of driven profit-takers. 

 Becoming a Profit-Makers is a reformed way of being and doing business. It takes work to both learn and apply what it means to put your purpose to work. Nor does it guarantee results. What it does produce is a pathway to longterm satisfaction, personal integrity, and peace. 

"Blessed are the Profit-Makers for they shall enrich the earth."

Learn The Lost Art of Profit-Making

Why Profit-Making? To profit is the act of adding measurable value, benefit, and advantage to the wellbeing of a person, organization, or society. Financial profit is  one metric of several for assessing added value. Mistakenly, business profit is too often the singular cause of the business owner. 

Profit-Makers embrace Purpose, not financial profit, as their business cause and profit is the effect. By placing Purpose, Project, and Promise into their proper order and context Profit-Makers more readily produce a robust Profit. Gone are the costly patterns of trial and error and quick-fix attempts in favor of a the Profit-Maker approach where purpose, not just financial profit, inform decisions.

We are Profit-Makers Collaborating for the Common Good in an Uncommon Way

As a Profit-Maker you'll be pioneering your ideas, stretching norms, and expanding the frontiers of your abilities. Such leading edge activity invariably produces doubt, obstacles, and adversity. Non-profit-makers just don't get what your about, so you're often left alone and on your own. It's easy to get stuck. In these times, the natural tendency is to pause your Project and get back to "normal life." Such delay can last for hours or years. It's costing you time and fulfillment. It's also denying your common good contribution. 

Prepare to liberate your Promise–your innate and great desire to make a difference which you might refer to as your life's work, goal, or calling. Between your God-gifted Purpose and Promise exists your ProjectIt's what's in your heart. The state of your Project may be an idea, a work-in-process, or an existing business. Regardless, let's make it happen faster and better with less stress and strain. Come as you are!

With so much of your remaining life's work at stake, why venture alone into the frontiers of your experience and knowledge with your Project? Thanks to interactive, just-in-time mutual mentoring with other Profit-Makers, you will be expanding your possibilities, mitigating risks, and accelerating your Project development and growth. Optional training and guidance is available through premium events and courses led by seasoned professionals. 

Membership in The On-Purpose Planet is a sound investment. Borrow from the wisdom, experience, and expertise of other Profit-Makers. Re-energize and minimize your downtime so you put your purpose to work, sustain your Project momentum, and realize your Promise.

"For how shall it profit you, if you gain your soul while serving the planet?" 

That's the point! You can do good and be good.

Gain Your Soul. Liberate Your Promise. Profit the World.


What's in your heart yearning for expression? My role is to offer professional guidance about being on-purpose for you to be the best steward-leader of your Project. 

Since the late 1980s, my "Project" is about eradicating meaningless from the Planet by the developing a community where on-purpose persons are co-laboring in on-purpose organizations to be increasing the wealth of nations so everyone profits.

None of us can do it alone. Together we can move mountains.

Kevin W. McCarthy,

Founder of The On-Purpose Planet

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