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The On-Purpose® Planet is the gathering place for on-purpose persons in creation.


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How to join The On-Purpose Planet and A Group, e.g. The On-Purpose Leader Experience or ONPURPOSE@WORK

The On-Purpose Leader Experience (watch webcast 55 minutes)  

The POWER of Your Two-Word Purpose (watch webcast: 30 minutes)

ONPURPOSE@WORK (visit the website & look for the webcast)

Instructions for Joining The On-Purpose Planet 2012 May.pdf

The On-Purpose Planet: Where On-Purpose Persons Gather

Where Can I Meet Other On-Purpose Persons?
Years ago a 26-year old man called. "Being on-purpose has transformed my thinking for the better; but I find myself reverting to old patterns of thought and behavior. Where can I meet other on-purpose persons for support and fellowship?" His question is probably the most asked request we get at On-Purpose Partners.

Enter The On-Purpose® Planet!
The On-Purpose Planet responds to the request for meaningful connection. TOPPlanet is a private, monitored online place for on-purpose persons in creation to gather for learning, Q & A, fellowship, and a few laughs. Here we can connect, do life, do business, or just get to know one another in an inspiring learning environment.

Make "The Planet" what works for you to support your heart's desire to be on-purpose. Here some suggestions:

  • Post your questions or best practices in the Forum using the Discussion function.
  • Watch Session 1 free previews of The On-Purpose Leader Experience and The On-Purpose Business Experience in the Forum
  • Download a free preview of The On-Purpose Person from the Forum
  • Look for a Group with a common interest or start your own
  • Use the Blog on your personal profile to chronicle your story of becoming and being an on-purpose person
  • Share your challenges or best practices
  • Get feedback on your purpose statement

On-Purpose Pals
We benefit from being with other on-purpose persons.  You'll call them your OP Pals.  Being On-Purpose® requires effort because it often runs counter to the common culture and creates intended growth. Family and friends may not understand your new normal. Like crabs in a bucket, come well yank you back into your old predictable bad habits. Others will celebrate with you.  Transforming for the better creates greater personal leadership and improvement.

Most of all, connect and make On-Purpose Pals in The On-Purpose Planet... where every person is on-purpose! Their life and yours will be better for it.

Being A Gracious Member

Conduct yourself as a guest in the home your parents' friends.

Anyone is welcome in The On-Purpose® Planet. Plant a few seeds of relationship and see what flourishes.  It is our place to craft.

Spammers and inappropriate language will be summarily banished into cyberspace. I have no bones about banning "members" whose conduct undermines the spirit and intent of being on-purpose. So do your part to report violators and we will do our part to make this a safe place.

If you have any questions about membership or concerns regarding possible spam, please contact Julie Holzmann, the Communications Coordinator - jholzmann (at) on-purpose (dot) com.

Blog Posts

My First Ideal On-Purpose Week

I just completed my first Ideal On-Purpose Week. Very messy, lots of forgiveness. I was going to add a better way to organize my time but really, even with all the last minute changes (last minute decision to take my wife to the movies) and unexpected's just a better way to live! 

Of course digging in and writing and answering my big questions on purpose, vision, mission and values is really helping. Still working on them.

Posted by Dave Daggett on January 18, 2017 at 5:59am — 1 Comment

My Ideal On-Pupose Day

I've found working through the One Purpose Peace workbook inspiring. Filling out my want lists and running my tournaments was exciting but the Ideal On Purpose Day stopped me cold!

The thought of working out a 24 hour time budget and listing my daily activities on My Ideal On Purpose Day was paralyzing. I just couldn't get past this activity.

I read back through chapter 10 and dug down into the truths that I needed to get connected to if I were going to make this…


Posted by Dave Daggett on January 10, 2017 at 8:57pm — 2 Comments

How Do I Stay On-Purpose? Bonus: ON-PURPOSE T-Shirt Special Offer

"How do I stay on-purpose?"

Here's a 100% cotton cool & comfortable idea to engage an army of assistants to remind you.  Wear an ON-PURPOSE® t-shirt! 

When you walk around, people will ask you, "What does ON-PURPOSE mean?" 

Right away your mind will race to your two-word purpose statement.  Immediately, thank your inquirer because he or she…


Posted by Kevin W. McCarthy on June 11, 2012 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Where do I want to go today?

I exist to serve by cultivating harmony.

Harmony is difficult! It seems I have an ingrained habit of stirring conflict. Making snide remarks, being brutally honest, demanding more (effort) than people are ready to give. Maybe, in a way, I'm the one who's forging - I keep hammering away on something until it has the shape I want.

I've had a weekend full of conflicts with my kids. Mostly, I think it was them seeking out the edges of what they could get away with, what with my…


Posted by Arne Sostack on May 31, 2012 at 8:19am

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What is The On-Purpose Planet?

Collectively and individually, this community is about the message of being on-purpose penetrating our lives, work, relationships, society, and culture. We call this The On-Purpose® Planet, where every person is on-purpose (and working in an on-purpose business or organization). As a Member here, your every action adds to the larger concept of each person and organization with an articulated purpose making decisions that are on-purpose rather than off-purpose. Together, we are building The On-Purpose® Planet.

For those of us who are tuned into being on-purpose, we need to be gathered, linked, inspired, and learning from one another. The On-Purpose® Approach provides the philosophical skeleton to the community. There are enormous opportunities to “fill out” the many ways and places for this message to be grown and applied.

For example, you can belong to the On-Purpose Business Group (see the Groups column to your left). Here you can discuss sales, marketing, PR, human resources, hiring, financial and business development just to name a few.

Perhaps you have an interest in other topics such as parenting, finances, health & wellness, career, spiritual, or other areas of interest - start a group or a discussion in a Forum. Have at it!

You may have your own materials or thoughts about what it means to be on-purpose. Or you may be coming to this body of work as an avid reader of my books. Either way, you are welcome in The On-Purpose® Planet community. The On-Purpose® Approach is complementary, informative, and supportive of many expressions. Your spirit, voice, and thoughts are needed. Bring your best to the On-Purpose® Planet, the community of people who are about being on-purpose!

The On-Purpose® Planet is also the title of a planned annual gathering of on-purpose persons and Associates. Here, you will mingle and greet other on-purpose persons from around the world. Look for this and other special events in the Events portion of this web site.

All in all... have a blast being on-purpose.

Be On-Purpose!

Kevin W. McCarthy


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